Dolphin for Pc

Hey fellas! Today I’m going to review about Dolphin browser and going to explain on how to install it on the PC. Let us have a look on its features.

Dolphin browser is the fast browser that I have come across that has the capability to host the add-ons to the web browsing on the platforms of Android smartphones and the Android Tablets. The user interface on the Dolphin browser supports voice and gesture based navigation as well. It ahs the support of LastPass password that can manage and synchronize to the bookmarks in Google Chrome. It has the inbuild screen grab taker too.

Let’s have a brief of Voice Control and Gestures:

Voice control on the Dolphin browser can let you control with yourvoce and the other thing that reminds me is that when you click on the dolphin button is the Sonar!


Gestures is an interesting add to this browser and it is the best one it can offer so far. It would be on of that useful browsers that will be interesting, and plain neat!

Now let us move to the actual process of downloading Dolphin on Windows:

There are two different methods to install on Windows 7/8:

Method 1:

You can download with the help of a Android emulator like Bluestacks on your Windows PC. Once after installation, just follow the steps below:

  1. search for Dolphin Installation after installing Bluestacks in the search box

Now enter on the option that you are searching for and you will find the browser

Click no the install and that’s it! it’ll be installed within five minutes.

This is all you need to do if you want to install the Dolphin browser on the PC in Windows platform. Here we move on to the next process:

Method 2:

The method 2 is different from the method one. Here you will be provided a .Apk file for this browser and the size will be very less around 2MB. You can have a direct download.

Both the methods will be successful eventually. Now it is your choice which one to download based on your expectations and on your requirements.

Final verdice:

Dolphin Browser is a unique feature packed browser that has the add-ons added to it where you can have a great fun using them. It is worthy to have a browser like this though it doesn’t add much to the speed o fit and some features look pointless eventually. It is suggestible to use it!


iPhoto on Pc

Anyone who uses iOS after using Android or any other platform can’t just switch back to their previous one because one of the reasons is that they can’t miss the awesomeness of this platform that can be only found in Apple devices. They provide so much of ease in accessing the device with an easy User Interfcace and an attractive data storage capability. It has got its unique way in storing the data and when it comes to saving pictures, Apple has got its own way in saving them. It is named as iPhoto. This is precisely mentioned for the users for apple and here in this article, I’m going to share a guide on how to install it  on the PC, ie on how to enjoy it on the large screen!

Here we go!

This iOS version of iPhoto is an amazing application that adds a cool sharing features for the pictures that can’t be available on the desktop. The photo journals that can be found online and on the web photo galleries. The main advantage of having iCloud Photo Streams in savin it is the best way to get your photos saved that can be appeared on all the  apple devices. The iCloud option allows you to access them from anywhere and you just need to have the account of Apple and you can have fun from wherever you are and from whatever the device you have.

Here comes the interface of iPhoto:

The undefined and undeniable fact is that Apple has got a beautiful interface and occasionally, it sticks to the interface design and can be clearly seen.


It is of no surprise that one of the slimmest iPhone apps has to come from the tech leading giant Apple and it is the reason why it has got too many expectations from the users and the customers that keep waiting and won’tnever be disappointed. Apart from the amazing features, the iPhoto for Mac OS X has got a cool lphoto app interface features like gallery thumbnails and you can organize events with it.

How to download?

You can download it on the official platform of Amazon for  a reasonable price and it has got various rates to download it on various platforms. Of course, you can do much ore with the tool as you can see there are many advantages.

iPhoto on PC: You can download it on PC:

Once you download it on your phone, you just have to connect your phone to the PC and run the application on the Computer. Once it gets installed after coming over the formalities, it is ready to use.

This is it about how to download iPhoto for PC. You can leave the queries in the comment section and the concerned team will approach you within no time.


Download- KakaoTalk For PC

Hey friends! Today I’m going to review KakaoTalk application that can be used on Computer for the purpose of exchanging messages and this is one of the best trending messengers at the moment. remember that incident when Facebook  and WhatsApp went down for around three hours continuously and there was a literal heart break down for the users of them. This si because they can’t imagine and live in the world without expectations and exchanging messages.

KakaoTalk is one of those apps that can be helpful in exchanging the messages. This is a complete guide for you to set this up on your PC and enjoy the forwarding of messages.

This is available for free just like most of the applications that are available on the internet widely. You download KokaoTalk for PC without interruption of advertisements while downloading.


There are many questions that are being asked about this app regarding the security and privacy. This is much needed question indeed because there are many ways to t weak WhatsApp out of its privacy and security. This is the reason why people started searching for the alternatives of WhatsApp and found this interesting. This is one of the best alternatives that you can ever find and here is the guide that can be helpful for you to get it on your PC.

Process to download Kakaotalk for PC:

This above lines are about the review of the product and this is going to be the guide to download it.  Here we go!

Before installing Kakaotalk in PC, you need to get Bluestacks which is an android emulative for the platform that can be helpful while enjoying the services of Kakaotalk on large screen.

After installing Bluestacks on the PC, you can download Kakaotalk from here which is available for free and genuine. You can also be one of those millions of users that are using this application.

You can launch the application anytime from My Apps section of Bluestacks. This is it for now and this guide will help you on downloading process of KakaoTalk on PC.

There additional advantage of this messenger app is that the friends can stay connected with the community easily and there is no limit of friends to add in a group of chat. This can provide you with all the notifications regarding all the messages in the messenger and also lets you know the messages that are read and unread.